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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure wherein the pigment is applied to the scalp with the purpose of replicating the appearance of hair. Popularly referred to as “SMP” the procedure involves the use of needles that inject a pigment below the skin surface for replication of thick hair growth.

Is SMP similar to a tattoo?

SMP is somewhat similar to a tattoo, but does have vast differences in its technique. SMP includes the use of ink penetration mechanisms, and custom designed SMP needles. The pigment used is not the traditional tattoo ink. Unlike a tattoo, it does not fade to blue or green over time and is not presented to the same dermal layer of the skin. The inks used at JSHTTC are organic and do not change color and last up to a few years. As the ink begins to slightly fade, it does not blend, blob, or turn into a mess. All you need to simply do is take an appointment for an upkeep procedure as you notice signs of slight fading.

Is SMP a permanent treatment?

SMP is a semi-permanent procedure that involves tattooing pigment on the scalp to replicate individual hair follicles. The end result is either the look of a closely shaven head or a fuller look for thinning hair. A variety of ink colors and shade variations are used to achieve the best results. The SMP treatment lasts for a few years and later requires just a bit of touch up when the ink begins to fade.

What are the Disadvantages and Risks involved in Scalp Micropigmentation?

There are certain amount of risks and side effects to every medical treatment. However, SMP hasrelatively minimal risk. Side effects or documented allergic reactions from Scalp Micro Pigmentation are extremely rare, although slight scalp irritation, redness or allergic reaction cannot be completely ruled out. One of the major disadvantages of SMP treatment is that the client has to shave their head, the closer the shave, the better and more realistic the results. For SMP Hair Density Treatments the longer the hair the better the camouflage and better the results. The pigments used are organic, safe and do not change color. However, over time it does fade and would require a touch up after a few years. At JSHTTC, your safety and overall well-being is our priority. We can conduct various tests to determine skin sensitivity before beginning an entire scalp procedure for safer and better results.

Does SMP Pain?

Having an SMP treatment is nothing like having a classic tattoo. The pain level is extremely low or rather considered to be negligible than an actual tattoo. In fact we have had clients fall asleep during the entire procedure. A medical grade numbing cream is applied to the scalp before and after the treatment to avoid any sort of pain. Based on the review of patients, the treatment is rated at 1 out of 10 for being a painful medical procedure.

All in all SMP has been gaining a lot of popularity for its painless safe procedure and hence, more and more people by the day are opting for Scalp micropigmentation for their hair loss problem.