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Hair Treatment

        The key feature of successful hair transplant involves achieving a natural looking hairline and right hair density without any signs of the treatment being noticeable.

        The hairs on back and sides of scalp is known as donor area which are resistant to hair loss. The bald area on scalp where hair grafts are to be implanted is called as recipient area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

        It is one of the two primary method of obtaining follicular units. Here the survival of follicular units upon extraction from the scalp is one of the main factor for successful hair transplantation. If follicular units are transected during the extraction process ,there is a greater risk that grafts will not survive the transplant.

        With FUE ,individual follicular unit containing 1 to 4 hairs are removed under local anaesthesia using micro punches of between 0.6 to 1mm in diameter. The grafts extracted are stored in a chilled normal saline for survival. The surgeon uses very small micro blades or fine needles to puncture the site for receiving grafts. The grafts are then placed in a predetermined density and pattern into the recipient sites.As individual follicle are removed ,only small punctate scars remain which are virtually not visible.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

        In FUT method donor area is trimmed ;local anaesthesia is given. A long (around 12 to 15 cm) narrow skin strip is removed which is then divided into hair grafts .While the grafts are being prepared donor area is sutured by pulling the skin edges together. This suture line is immediately gets hidden by hair on back. After this local anaesthesia is given on front ( recipient ) area and grafts are inserted by making minute incisions.

        Strip method gives an opportunity of harvesting and transplanting big amounts of grafts performing mega session.Transection causing wastage of follicular units during strip surgery is minimal and the survivability of transplanted graft is high.The only disadvantage of this method is linear scar on back of head from where donor strip is harvested.

combi method

        As we know that hair transplant is the only solution for hair loss, but it restricts the area if the hair loss is extensive and cannot be treated in one single session. With our continual advanced research on techniques, we made it possible to provide solution for extreme hair loss by using both techniques together. This is achieved by combining FUE and Strip method in a same day. We offer this as a standard procedure to our patients in routine. The patients lying in 5th to 7th Norwood scale can be treated now with this concept and technique. At JSHTTC, Our experienced hair transplant surgeons are performing successful combined technique using FUE, FUT and Body Hair Transplants. This technique lets you get more hair to treat extreme hair loss, in single session more than 4000 grafts in majority cases.


        Biocompatible Artificial Hair is a very significant component for the success of the Biofibre Hair Implant because only 1,000 fibres implanted into the scalp, become 3000 hair which provide an Immediate and Remarkable Aesthetic Result. But we do not recommend biofibre procedure routinely as it has many complication like infection scarring etc.

BHT(Body hair transplant)

        IN BHT hair root from beard, chest and axilla are extracted and transplanted on the scalp. It is used for those who have limited donor area i.e. back of scalp.

Advantage of Hair Transplant

1) Patient can go home on the same day but the whole procedure takes 7 to 8 hours.

2) Patients are usually awake and can enjoy music during surgery. Breaks are allowed for refreshment and visit to the rest room.

3) It requires only small dressings.

4) It requires minimal postoperative care i.e. for minimum 3 to 4 days and maximum 15 days.

5) Patient can resume normal activity very next day if necessary.

6) Transplanted hairs are permanent and do not shed which can be trimmed, shaved or coloured.

7) Restores youth and confidence

8) Affordable

9) Quick recovery

10) Definite Result

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

        It is a method of depositing pigment into the skin (dermal layer) of the scalp which replicates hair follicle. These pigment dots appear as hair follicles when viewed from a few inches so that the scalp can not be easily seen through the hair. We do this with thousands of very small dots place in the scalp between the hairs. The needle used for SMP do not penetrate as deeply as they do with some other techniques. SMP will help to treat thinning of hair, bald patch and in the treatment of scalp scars caused by previous surgeries. It is suitable for all types and stages of hair loss, on all ages, colours and skin types. The treatment is very cost effective and opens the door for many that either don’t have the donor area to get sufficient results from a transplant for those who like to wear their shaved or extremely short, or for those who are simply not interested in the transplant option.

Advantage of SMP

1) Give the look of a full youthful head of cropped hair.

2) Simulate a full front ,side and /or near hair line.

3) Camouflage permanently the symptoms of all levels of alopecia.

4) Hide scars ,burns and birthmarks.

5) Boost the visual effect of hair transplant.